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Lignin Upgrading & Valorization Presentation



Lignin Upgrading &


CIBER Exchange Presentations

Center for Innovative Biomaterial Education and Research (CIBER) is a multidisciplinary program focused developing biomaterials from renewable resources and educating the public and other scientists and engineers on the needs, opportunities, issues, benefits, and issues surrounding biomass conversion.

Objectives of the program include web-learning modules and an exchange program with universities in Europe, Canada and the Far East. Where students/postdoctorals and professors/scientists will conduct research and give seminars on current research.

Research conducted within the center surrounds three main areas:

  1. Oxidation of pulp fibers
  2. Development of novel chemical building blocks from biomass
  3. Bioconversion of lignin for production of chemicals

View a CIBER Supplemental IREE Program on Crosslinked Cellulosic Whiskers.

View a poster for the 2008 NSF PFI Workshop, titled “Center for Innovative Biomaterial Education and Research (CIBER),” by Nan Jiang, Lee Goetz, Sheldon May, Nibedita Sanyal, Alison Buchan, Rob Anderson, Joseph J. Bozell, and Arthur J Ragauskas.

July 2009 – Performance for Innovation / CIBER Exchange

June 2007 – Performance for Innovation / CIBER Exchange