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Research Opportunities

Ragauskas’ research activities cover a broad field of expertise including:


Research Opportunities

  1. Hardwood fiber modification from the integration of high kappa cooking and extended oxygen delignification for Eucalyptus and Acacia
  2. Graduate Research Activities
  3. Cellulosic Composites
  4. Enhancing Pulp Properties of Recycled Fibers with Oxidative Enzymes
  5. Black Liquor Lignin Recovery for Biofuels and Value-added Chemicals
  6. Defining Kraft Pulping Spectrum for Southern Loblolly Pine
  7. Next Generation ECF Bleaching Acacia and Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp
  8. Hemicellulose Extraction for Enhanced-Biofuels Production
  9. Engineering Pulp Fines into Superabsorbent Hydrogels
  10. New Paper and Board Composites
  11. Soda Oxygen Pulping Research Studies
  12. Improved Superabsorbent Kraft Pulps
  13. Wet Fiber Deformability for Paper, Board, Tissue or Towel


Research Proposals

  1. Innovative Pulp Fiber-Plastic Composites
  2. Treatment of Waste Paper Sludge to Yield Bioethanol


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