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Poster Title: Biorefinery Model Based on the Co-Production of Furfuryl Alcohol and Cellulosic Ethanol

Poster Authors: Anurag Mandalika and Troy Runge



Poster Title: Factors Determining and Limiting Sustainable Maximum Yields of Wood Biomass. Case Study of Even-Age Stands of Grey Alder

Poster Authors: Janis Abolins and Janis Gravitis

Poster Title: Characterization and Analysis of the Molecular Weight of Lignin for Biorefining Studies

Poster Authors: Allison Tolbert, Hannah Akinosho, Ratayakorn Khunsupat, Amit K. Naskar, and Arthur J. Ragauskas

Poster Title: The Effects of Dilute Acid Pretreatment on Poplar Lignin and Recalcitrance

Poster Authors: Yunqiao Pu, Shilin Cao, Michael Studer, Charles Wyman, and Arthur J. Ragauskas



Poster Title: Feasibility and Environmental Impacts of the Production of Biodiesel from Grease Trap Waste

Poster Authors: Megan E. Hums, Colin J. Stacy, Dr. Richard A. Cairncross, and Dr. Sabrina Spatari

Poster Title: The IBSS Partnership: Deploying an Advanced Biofuels Industry in the Southeastern United States

Poster Authors: Mike Cunningham, Bill Hubbard, Steve Kelley, Tim Rials, and Steve Taylor



Poster Title: Morphology of Polysaccharide Beads and Films for Environmental and Biomedical Applications

Poster Authors: Mei Li, Sarah Ziem, and Gisela Buschle-Diller

Poster Title: Effects of Isolation Methods and Conditions on the Properties of Cellulose Nanocrystals

Poster Authors: Mi Li, Patrick Bass, Alexander Haywood, and Maobing Tu

Poster Title: Surface Modification of Nanocellulose Membranes Using Thermo-responsive Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide)

Poster Authors: Minna Hakalahti, Tuomas Hänninen, Harri Setälä, Andreas Mautner, Alexander Bismarck, Zoheb Karim, Aji Mathew, and Tekla Tammelin



Poster Title: Potential Applications Of Wastes From Energy And Forestry Industry In Plant Tissue Culture

Poster Authors: Corneliu Tanase, Smaranda Vintu, Irina Volf, and Valentin I. Popa






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